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WANT: American Horror Story: Coven Tarot Cards

Amy Scarlata
Amy Scarlata Nov 08, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven is keeping the Halloween spirit alive well into November and I'm lovin' every minute of it. The creepy New Orleans vibes and sassy witch betches are totally up my alley. 

As usual Vulture is the best -- they made these rad AHS tarot cards for all of the characters! See the rest here


FLAWLESS: Selena Gomez In All Black

Amy Scarlata
Amy Scarlata Nov 08, 2013

Dear Selena Gomez, you're doing it riiiight! The 21-year-old starlet kept it sexy in this all black cutout number with a fab dark lip at a FLAUNT Magazine party in Beverly Hills. 

Other attendees included Lily Collins, 24 (also killing it in this red slip) and Bella Thorne, 16, in a super cute 2-piece ensemble.

Who's look was your fave?


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Jack Barakat's New Girlfriend Abigail Breslin Looked HOT Last Night

Amy Scarlata
Amy Scarlata Nov 07, 2013

With Hustlers up in arms over this new relaysh between All Time Low's Jack Barakat and actress Abigail Breslin, girl was looking pretty calm and cool last night.  

Leaps and bounds from Warped Tour, Abigail attended the Dior Guggenheim Gala Pre-Party and spared no glam. Looking over her shoulder she's all:

Are you loving Abigail all grow'd up? Does this make her the new Queen Hustler?? 

Demi Lovato WANTS BABIES! Also Looks Very Pretty In Latina Magazine

Amy Scarlata
Amy Scarlata Nov 06, 2013

It's kind of hard to believe that Demi Lovato is only 21 years-old. It seems like she's been in our lives forever and has had so many hair colors! The X-Factor judge is looking suuuuper good these days and chatted with Latina Magazine about her future.

 “I’m a Texas girl, so my instinct is to have babies early. In my heart I’m like, ‘Okay, it’s time to have babies!’ But it’s not. I have so much life ahead of me that I actually have to slow my roll. We’ll see where my life is in 5 years, but I definitely see myself as a mom in 10.”

Here's what she had to say regarding drinking these days: “I noticed that there’s this perception, on turning 21, that you have to go out and get drunk,” she says about her recent birthday. “It’s different for me because I’m in recovery. I also want to set an example for others. You don’t have to booze it up—you can do something else.”

On her guest role on GLEE this season:  “Yes, we kissed in the first episode, but I want people to pay less attention to the fact that I’m kissing a girl. Focus on the fact that having a young, multicultural lesbian couple on prime time is a huge step in our generation. It’s showing people that it’s okay to be who you are. Don’t be ashamed of it.”

 Are you still a big Demi fan? 

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New Couple Alert! Jack Barakat Is Dating Abigail Breslin

Amy Scarlata
Amy Scarlata Nov 05, 2013

SAY WHUUUUUUUUUUUUT? US Weekly is reporting that All Time Low crazy-man Jack Barakat, 25, is dating Lil' Miss Sunshine herself Abigail Breslin, 17. Are they the new Ashton and Demi? 

Apparently the couple was caught snugglin' in the corner last week at the LA premiere of Breslin's movie premiere for Enders Game. We posted back in April when Abigail was spotted at an All Time Low concert -- did their love blossom that night?  

Jack has been loving the teen starlets lately! Remember his Twitter convo with Chloe Moretz? 

How do you feel about this Hustlers?? Does the age diff bug you? Are you like:

or like:


Goth Dreams: Frances Bean Cobain Meets Elvira

Amy Scarlata
Amy Scarlata Nov 01, 2013

Everyone's (my) favorite member of rock royalty, Frances Bean Cobain met the queen of all things Halloween last night, ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK! 

She went on to brave Knotts SCARY Farm with her man:

Frances Bean Cobain Rips Kendall Jenner A New One Over Tweet

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So Jack Barakat Is Friends With Chloe Moretz?

Amy Scarlata
Amy Scarlata Nov 01, 2013

If you keep an eye on the boys of All Time Low's social media (which I know you do), then every now and again you will notice some rando celeb interaction. Case in point: Jack Barakat's Halloween tweet turned convo with Hit Girl herself, Chloe Moretz

Whuuut?! This is even more surprising than that time Abigail Breslin AKA Lil' Miss Sunshine turned up at an ATL show.

Are there other celeb hustlers that you know of??

Robert Pattinson And Katy Perry's Karaoke Session Is The Best Thing Ever

Amy Scarlata
Amy Scarlata Oct 25, 2013

I'm no stranger to boozy late-night karaoke, so it's nice to see that professional performers are my peers in this exercise. In a video that appears to be from the 2008 days, Twi-hunk (yeah I said it) Robert Pattinson and California Gurl Katy Perry passionately sing the Boyz II Men classic "I'll Make Love To You". Good choice. 

I knew that Rob had a knack for music, but he sounds goooood! Cue up the Foreigner and meet me in Little Tokyo - I'll be waiting! 

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Hmm? Miley Cyrus Is A Sparkly Silver Alien For New Video

Amy Scarlata
Amy Scarlata Oct 16, 2013

If Miley ever decided to wear clothes or smile with her teeth we wouldn't even know who she is anymore! The ever-surprising shocktress stripped down to nothin' but some glittery silver paint in a new video for rapper Future's single "Real and True". 

Since everyone is always comparing Miley to Britney for some reason, I'll go ahead and say that I'm feeling some "Toxic" vibes from these photos: 

Here's a bonus one from the set: 

How are you guys feeling re: Miley? Still eating it up? Over it a long time ago? 

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Vanessa Hudgens Upgrades Her Hair To Fiery Ombre

Amy Scarlata
Amy Scarlata Oct 16, 2013

Vanessa Hudgens, actress, and fan of the smoochie-face posted these photos of her new fiery locks on Instagram for all the world to see. Just a few days back V.Nasty had a more subtle ombre look: 

Do you like her new fall look? Or is it toooooo much? 


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